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“In terms of their motivations and their integrity
they were good dreams, but they were dreams”

Tom Young
School of African and Oriental Studies, London

“I think it was my country.
I never was totally one of them actually,
but for me it was my country and it was my culture”

Lotte van den Berg
Spent her childhood in Guinea-Bissau (1977-1987)

“We pretended to change Guinea-Bissau within 20,
maybe 30 years, into a country at the same level
as we have here in Europe”

Steven van den Berg
Worked in Guinea-Bissau after its independence (1975-1987)

“There was an atmosphere of great strength,
of great willingness, of great ambition
to create from that small country a real paradise”

Svetlana Arsenic
Worked in Guinea-Bissau after its independence (1975-1981)

“I really miss Guinea-Bissau, a country that maybe
I wouldn’t recognize anymore, but I miss it.
I miss a part of my childhood, I miss that feeling of renovation,
of high aspirations, of dreams of a better society”

Nikola Arsenic Jr
Spent his childhood in Guinea-Bissau (1975-1981)