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“In terms of their motivations and their integrity
they were good dreams, but they were dreams”

Tom Young
School of African and Oriental Studies, London

“There was an atmosphere of great strength,
of great willingness, of great ambition
to create from that small country a real paradise”

Svetlana Arsenic
Worked in Guinea-Bissau after its independence (1975-1981)

“I think it was my country.
I never was totally one of them actually,
but for me it was my country and it was my culture”

Lotte van den Berg
Spent her childhood in Guinea-Bissau (1977-1987)

“We pretended to change Guinea-Bissau within 20,
maybe 30 years, into a country at the same level
as we have here in Europe”

Steven van den Berg
Worked in Guinea-Bissau after its independence (1975-1987)

“I really miss Guinea-Bissau, a country that maybe
I wouldn’t recognize anymore, but I miss it.
I miss a part of my childhood, I miss that feeling of renovation,
of high aspirations, of dreams of a better society”

Nikola Arsenic Jr
Spent his childhood in Guinea-Bissau (1975-1981)